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Realize Transformational Value With Voice AI
Voice AI For Staffing Boosts Revenue, Job Turnaround, and Candidate Experience
Staffing leaders are augmenting their recruiting teams with Voice AI to scale candidate engagement and bring big rewards.

The platform engages with candidates via AI-based calls that range from six to 21 minutes, voicemails, texts and emails. Conversation insights are delivered in real time to recruiters and updated into the candidate record in the ATS.

If you are looking for a topline boost or an easy method of engaging with all your applicants and relevant candidates download this whitepaper now to learn:

  • What is Voice AI and how is it being applied to staffing processes?
  • What benefits are staffing customers realizing from Voice AI?
  • Which staffing verticals and industries will be impacted by Voice AI?
Realize Transformational Value With Voice AI

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